About us

Who we are

We are a nonprofit organization and our goal is to help people by improving health research.

We gather scientists and non-scientists: full-time professionals, specific collaborators, and people from the community. They all contribute to nourish health research.

We stand out because we are independent and patient centered.

We are transparent

All the data regarding our organization’s work and management are public.

The organization

Excellent professionals from different fields of knowledge come together at HIRU.

Our finance

We raise money from different sources, and every penny is invested in research.

Our work

All the information from our work is publicly available. Here you can find: raw data, publications, and collaborations.

What we do

Given our experience in women’s health, our main approach will focus in this area. But we are open to expand and explore other areas of health research.

Inclusive research

We invite everyone in the community to participate in health research: scientists and non-scientists.

Do you think there's something that should be investigated in health (and no one is doing it)?

We'd love to hear from you

Empowering people

Anyone can join HIRU. You don't have to be a scientist to make science.

You can join our dedicated special interest groups, who yield ideas and create new research proyects.

Health research made for the people by the people.

Support to other researchers

We welcome all researchers who need assistance with their projects.

Do you have an idea or a research proyect you want to develop?
Do you want to communicate the results of your study?

We can help you.

Why we do it

Health research is unequal

Disparities in research vary depending on your place of origin, race, gender and even the type of disease.

Female researchers in high income countries
Female researchers in low income countries

Health research workers per million inhabitants



Female researchers and proportion per inhabitants and countries: data from the WHO’s Global Observatory on Health R&D (2020)

Prevalence and investment: data from 2019 for USA according to the Research Portfolio Online Reporting Tools (RePORT), National Institutes of Health (NIH). Investment is adjusted (ln)

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