The organization

We are joined by amazing persons among members and collaborators. From different parts of the world, they are a diverse and multidisciplinary team, with lots of experience and knowledge. They know science, research, arts, and music—to name a few subjects—; and they all inspire HIRU.

Above all, they are hard working people with great ideas.

Alejandro Correa Paris
Alejandro Correa Paris

Co-founder and President of the Board

Verónica Gorraiz Ochoa
Verónica Gorraiz Ochoa

Co-founder and Vicepresident of the Board

Carolina Ochoa Vergés

Secretary of the Board

Alfonso Correa
Alfonso Correa Uribe

Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)

natalia correa paris
Natalia Correa

Head of communication and planning strategy

Camila Pardo
Camila Pardo

Finance and statistical analysis

Pablo Calderon
Pablo Calderón Salazar

Design and creativity

Priscilla Suarez Bock
Priscilla Suarez Bock

Illustration and design

Diego Gil
Diego Gil Martin

Physician, HIRU member

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